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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  September 18, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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i just loved him so much. emotions continue as more victims of the valley fire are identified. we'll have the latest on the firefighting efficients. mornings on two starts now. good morning, thank you for joining us. it is friday. i'm pat cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores. it's going to be hot over the weekend. >> it looks like. >> how hot? >> from where you are? >> the inland folks want to know. upper 90s. it will be clear. peach week -- beach weekend. the cool air mass will give way to sunshine and warmer
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temperature. tribune tower, and tribune tavern. we have to give a shout out. they watch us all the time. >> it's a great place. >> that's what i've read. clear skies and temperature in the 50s and 40, it will be a cool morning for some. we can find more 50s but more 40s. dry weather moves in. high pressure moves in a north breeze. that will take over. sunshine, warm erbe, cool breeze -- warmer. happy friday. same to you. took a while to get here, we're here and the commute is off to a great start on friday morning at 4:01. let's look at what we have.
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the bay bridge toll plaza looks good coming into san francisco. not a lot of slow traffic. looks like boris is there. he thinks we can't see him but he's back. cool. the traffic is moving well. here's 880 moving along nicely as you pass the coliseum with no major issues. we're looking at the san mateo and dunbarton bridges. topping the new, it will take days before they get a handle on the valley fire. some could return home today. hidden valley lake may open up today. the 5400 people who lived there were forced to evacuate saturday. right now the valley fire has
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burned 73700-acres. friends and family are mourning the deaths of two men whose bodies were found. the lake county sheriff office announced the discovery of the body. leonard neft was found in anderson springs. he said flames were surrounding the home. >> my heart is broken that's the truth. i just loved him so much. he helped me so much. the other victim bruce bevin burns his body was found at his family recycling business. the fire has killed three people, the first barbara mcwilliam, there's a couple listed as missing. evacuees received mixed news last night during a briefing. 500 people attended the meeting
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and heard from cal fire, the lake county sheriff and elected leaders. it could take another week before people in the hardest hit areas will be allowed back home. re-entry will occur in stages. >> we don't know if we will rebuild. to clean it up, to sift through the ashes to see if we can find anything. >> we'll rebuild oak town together. we're not down, we're never out. >> property owners whose homes burned to the ground were told fema will provide assistant aance with a minimum of red tape. the rain creating unstable ground i'm a group of bikers helped treat evacuees to a
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barbecue. members of the hell angels, wards of issue and gold role boy -- role boys participated. several bikers lost their homes. >> most of the clubs in the bay area will take care of these guys. we do what we can. >> some people don't expect this from motorcycle clubs. >> then they don't know us. >> service groups and restaurant are serving meals and on wednesday johnny garlic said everyone in kelseyville. three more suspected burglars in the fire zone. two from brisbane, and the other from san francisco. the men were stopped in the evacuation zone early yesterday
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morning. the three had trouble explaining where they were going and the deputies found burglary tools and a loaded pistol. >> pope valley elementary school is reopening. attendance is voluntary. the school in northern napa county has 52 students and four classrooms. animals have been affected by the fire including a herd of camels. firefighters posted this photo standing in front of one of the camels they helped save. the fire burned their preserve. they checked on the camels and filled their water troughs. stay with us for continuing coverage of the valley fire. we're following the latest developments, to the stories of
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evacuees trying to rebuild their homes and lives. a man is due in court today, federal charges have been filed against matthew mueller. investigators say a cell phone in the home inevacuation linked mueller -- inevacuation. the police called the story a hoax but months later fbi found evidence it happened. huskins and her boyfriend said the police department caused them emotional distress by calling them liars. >> when the law enforcement
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place a verbal tattoo and say you are a hoke tear -- hoax tear. the tattoo is almost impossible to eliminate. >> vallejo has six months to respond to the claim. if it is rejected they will file a lawsuit. three deputy accused of beating inmate to death are in court for a bail hearing. they have been charged in the beating death of michael tyree. prosecutor say text messages is evidence they have a history of assaulting inmates. you see the text message show it's was planned. there's complaints from inmates saying guards have his treated them. family and friends of the
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deputies are upset. the man accused of shooting and killing kate steinle is due in court. the attorney for sanchez says he found the gun and it accidentally fired when it picked it up. a judge says there's enough evidence for him to stand trial. he will be arraigned in court today. warning signs at a popular east bay lake telling people not the interim because of a algae. the algae can cause stomach problems and skin irritation and can be deadly for dogs. no word on when the lake will reopen. other spots have been shut down because of the toxic algae, this past you summer it says the drought may be to blame. finding a parking spot around the bay area may be more
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difficult today. today is parking day, which is an annual event turning parking spot into small parks. everyone is participate but organiz s encourage everyone to feed the parking meters and abide by parking restrictions. 4:10 is the time, a boy is at the center of a law up. >> he's accused of being a public nusance. we're looking at the damage caused by the earthquake in chile. the worry for families who have people living in the hard-hit area. we're looking at the san francisco commute, to 101 looking good. and looks good on northbound
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280. lots of 50s for lows under clear skies. 52 in half moon bay. the coast is clear, we'll have a weekend for cast for you.
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. welcome back to mornings at two. the quake hit the coast of chile wednesday night. 1million people had to evacuate
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the coastal area. small tsunami waves hit the japanese coast. it led to warnings in california and hawaii but the tsunami advisory has been canceled. the earthquake is having an impact on people in the bay area. people have been calling the office concerned about the relatives. the owners of a cafe had a hard time getting in contact with their family members right after the quake hit. >> i was really afraid, my dad tried to call them, he couldn't communicate. >> damage from the earthquake is expected to reach several billion dollars. many people have watch pope francis as he begins his trip to cuba. starting tomorrow he will spend four days traveling through
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cuba. on sunday he leads an outdoor mass in havana. he played a key role helping with the ties between the u.s. and cuba. then he will come to the u.s. he is expected to draw massive crowds. >> you look at the numbers they are talking about, the white house expecting 15,000 people in and around the executive image when the pope visits. here in congress where the pope is expected to address a joint meeting. the largest on the continent the workers are scrambling for the pope's visit. the archdiocese is saying this will be the hottest ticket in
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town. for every seat here, there are at least 10 requests in my office. >> we sole four yesterday. the papal merchandise the flying off the chefs. including the $100 pope mobile. and the cuba choir is rehearsing. he's running into criticism for refusing to meet with cuba dissidents. there's one area of by partisan argument, with security concerns and thousands of people about to arrive, traffic will be a nightmare. the office of personal management encouraged federal workers to take advantage of tell commuting policies. >> there's matters of protocol,
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members of congress have been told to resist the urge to shake the pope's hand. not an easy thing to do in a town known for glad-handing. a lot of people excited to see the pope and so's a new jersey brewery who'll offer a limited beer. it's yopo. you only pope once. pope francis drinks light beer, it's a pale ale with an unholy amount of hops. >> i'm happy to know the pope likes beer. >> did jesus drink beer.
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>> wine for sure. you know you only pope once, i saw the pope when he came to san francisco years ago. >> what year was that? >> in the 80s. 81 or 82. was it that early? >> we're going look this up while you do your traffic. i'm sure it was in the 80s, it was candlestick park. the traffic is moving along well. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see it is light traffic coming into san francisco, no major problems as you drive through into san francisco, it has been a nice commute, as this morning, as you might expect for it to be so early. we're looking at the commute on 237 west bound, you can see the traffic is going to be okay, in fact if you want to get to the
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south bay i would advise getting on the road early. if you're driving in the south bay, the freeways are moving nicely in all directions. let's go to steve. >> we're discussing that when the pope was in san francisco. we remember that. you know what, it says here, 1987. i was so close. 87, i remember going from, it was at candlestick park. they had a mass. good morning happy clear friday. if there's fog it won't last long. they will continue today. not much of a breeze. it will turn more north early, not that strong, offshore breeze and temperature for some reason. livermore is one of the hottest places in the state when everything kicks in.
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that will happen on sunday. not today. sunday there will be 90s and 80s. 40s and fliests. there's a few upper -- 50s. up. >> 50s and 60s, antioch 54. 53 attall mow. -- alamo. it's going to take care of high clouds and low clouds. all going to turn northerly for the weekend. 50s for some. chill in the morning air. high pressure is on the way here, as it does aloft and at the surface that equals warm. it will be warmer but near average to slightly above. it will only last for a couple days and next week looks
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cooler. sunshine warmer. 80s to temp. 70s be 80s for many. the trend is to take the temps up. the mornings are cool, the nights are long. fog returns on monday and increasing clouds tuesday. it's hot. >> then relief on the way behind it. >> correct. i'm glad you pay attention. i try, it's hard this time in the morning. you're telling me. it is that time of the year again, the flu shot is being shipped to hospitals across the bay area. what doctors are saying about the effectiveness of this year's vaccine.
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. welcome back, google to getting bigger in energy -- northern california. google is in talk to lease two expansion sights in mountain view and acquiring property in north san jose. there's no official word when they plan to begin the project. apple is setting the stage for a huge expansion, they have acquired 2 million square feet of property. and a federal appeals court
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is blocking samsung from selling older smart phones in the u.s. it's how much the device mimics the iphone . it's may not hurt samsung, it applies to phones that are no longer popular. the most recent was the galaxy s-3. flu season aapproaching and officials are calling for americans to protect themselves. 170million doses will be available and health officials say everyone should be vaccinated. despite the risk of flu, less than half of americans follow the recommendation. >> in a good year, good in quotation marks flu will result in millions of cases of illness. hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands or 10s of thousands of deaths.
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last year flu season was bad. seniors hit hard with the highest rate of hospitalization since the cdc monitored the flu. the st.el -- seattle aquarium diagnosed a otter with asthma. it was diagnosed after the sea otter had trouble breathing. the inhaller is what humans use but the otter takes it differently. it uses a device that is used through the nose. look at this seal. it's going viral, a photographer in australia snapped a shot of this seale riding on the back of a whale.
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she didn't realize she had the photo until she went home. she looked at the photo. it's rare for a seal to hitch a ride. you think? >> that's amazing. hey, dude, i get a ride. >> that's like finding themo. >> 4:27 is the time. we follow the latest on the value fire. the latest from pamela harris to anyone who profits from the fire. we go to san jose where three jailers are aus coulded of beating to death an inmate. we'll tell you what new evidence revealed. >> good morning, we're looking at a commute to bay -- i'm sorry the san mateo bridge,
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it's looking good. we'll talk about the bay bridge too. we'll talk about a warm to hot weekend. today we start to kick it into higher gear, but the weekend by sunday could be very warm around here.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's friday, september 18th i'm brian flores. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. we want to check in with steve on the weather. nice today and it will get hot saturday or sunday? >> both. both days. sunday looks to be the hottest day. if you want to go to the beach, it's already clear. it should be sweet this weekend. although it's a little cool right now. half-moon bay checking in at 50 degrees. i see a little bit of an easterly


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